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Coming from: When Is a Test Case Ready for Test Automation  The next question is, how can we assess when and how often something is going to break? This is a tough question to answer and it heavily depends on your specific situation. Luckily, smart people have done some work for us already! For instance, […]
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What is API Testing and why should be using it?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. In software application (app) development, API is the middle layer between the presentation (UI) and the database layer. APIs enable communication and data exchange from one software system to another. API testing is a software testing practice that tests the APIs directly — from their functionality, reliability, […]
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Diferenciando la Prioridad y la Severidad de un Defecto

Aunque sean dos atributos distintos, mucha gente se confunde entre la severidad y la prioridad de un defecto. Uno puede llegar a preguntarse, ¿Qué es más importante, un defecto con prioridad alta o severidad alta? Antes de responder la pregunta, veamos que nos dice la teoría sobre cada uno de estos atributos.   La prioridad […]
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How To Test An Application Without Requirements?

Technically there are no applications without requirements. Imagine software that does nothing specific but is simply line after line of code stretching on. It will be a staircase leading nowhere. All software has requirements and is targeted at a particular task; specifically, it is a solution to a problem. So requirement-less software isn’t a possibility. However, software […]
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What is Quality Assurance in Project Management?

Quality Assurance assures the quality of the product meaning that this process ensures that the product generated from the process is defect-free and conforms to all stated customer requirements. It is said to be a process-based approach whose primary objective is to prevent defects in deliverables at the planning stage to avoid rework, which increases […]
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Estimación de plazos en un proyecto de desarrollo de software

El problema Quizás no sabías cómo hacer una buena estimación. O tal vez diste un plazo, pero no lo cumpliste. Al final, no pudiste seguir el ritmo del resto del equipo y tu proyecto se pasó de la fecha prevista. Como profesional que trabaja en una industria que está sometida a un control de plazos, […]
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When Is a Test Case Ready for Test Automation?

While these days most professional software developers agree that QA is important, we are still working out the best way to implement it. What seems clear, however, is that the ideal QA strategy should fit right into a modern continuous integration pipeline, and therefore be fast and reliable. Today, we’ll discuss how to identify test […]
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