Automated Testing Is essential to DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Automated Testing Is essential to DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Much has been written and said about DevOps, less so about the role of automated testing in a DevOps environment. In order to reap the full benefits of a healthy DevOps practice, organizations must integrate automated software testing into their Continuous Delivery pipelines. It is the only way to ensure that releases occur at both a high frequency, and with a high level of quality.

In order to integrate continuous testing effectively into a DevOps toolchain, look for the following essential features when evaluating an automated testing platform:

  • Support for a variety of languages, tools, and frameworks. The programming languages and development tools that your DevOps teams use today are likely to change in the future. Look for a testing solution that can support a broad array of languages, tools, and frameworks.
  • Cloud testing. On-demand cloud-based testing is the most cost-efficient option because it obviates the need to setup and maintain an on-premises test grid that is underutilized most of the time. It also reduces the resource drain associated with identifying and resolving false positives, or failures due to problems in the test infrastructure.
  • The ability to scale rapidly. Your testing platform should be able to perform tests as quickly as needed, and be able to do so across all required platforms, browsers, and devices. It should also be highly scalable to support as many parallel tests at one time as you require.
  • Highly automated. DevOps teams achieve their speed and agility in part by automating as much of the software delivery process as possible. Your testing solution should work seamlessly with other components of your toolchain, most notably your CI and collaboration tools.
  • Security. In a DevOps environment, all members of the team have an important role to play in keeping applications secure. Testing platforms, therefore, need enterprise-grade security features. A software testing platform that includes these qualities will empower your organization to derive full value from its migration to a DevOps-based workflow by maximizing the agility, scalability and continuity of your software delivery pipeline.



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